Direct Search- Headhunting

All your attempts in order to find a job with the support of a job advertisement were in vain? Your search is strictly confidential? We will gild your lilies, rapidly and confidential.



Research with the help of a job advertisement

The research must be made rapidly, you suppose a lot of job applications and you do not possess the manpower to treat the applications, to write confirmations and to sift all documents, to make a preselection and to refuse.

With our services you will obtain more free space for work with higher priority.



Investor research / New cooperation partners

You want to dilate strategically or you are looking for capital? Due to a structured research process we will find interesting cooperation’s or investors, which will be interested in your company or in your business area.



Outplacement counselling

You want to break away from a long lasting employee. We will help this employee to apply successfully in order to find a new working place.


Interim Management


Your leading employee is ill or in maternity protection and you have to keep free the position for him. Your solution will be interim management. Rapidly, we will find an interim manager which will fulfil the position to your fully satisfaction.