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In collaboration with you, we like to realize your targets. Profit by our maxim “more quality – less quantity”. The customer satisfaction has top priority.


Due to the fast economic change, change in leadership is getting more and more common for a company.

A change of the leader team is for all participants a big challenge. If the position will be occupied by an internal or external applicant or by an interim manager is depending of a lot of individual factors. In this process, the employee selection, which will be supported by us, obtains an important meaning. In a final step the acceptance of a new manager decides concerning the success of a replacement.


We support you during the direct search, internet researches, job advertisement researches as well as in the case of outplacement consultation, additionally we are able to coach your employees in frame of an outplacement consultation.

Create the change in leadership and the succession


In order to exist on the market, a company needs capable and professional employees, who understand their job. No problem for us: For each company we will find the suitable employee.

Since 30 years we act successfully in the consulting sector. Our customers are family companies, but also companies which are listed at the DAX. The occupied positions are multifaceted. We are looking for your employees, cooperation and investors in Central Europe.




A secure working place in a nice team – this is the demand of each applicant. We will coach you, we will train job interviews and we will determine a strategy how you are able to obtain your requested job.