Insyncon Ltd. is a long-time accepted head-hunter, which supports effectively companies to find appropriate employees for their, due to time saving or due to the own useless searching efforts. So far, we had occupied each position with success. Our customers are family enterprises but also dax quoted companies.


For a lot of companies, personal consultation is an effective aid in order to eliminate the absence of employees and to save time and money at the same time, which should be created due to job advertisements and other activities. In order to get to know us as your trusted partner, we should meet us for a personal interview. Then we will exactly know your demands and we are able to deliver the correct solution for you. Additionally there will be no administrative activities for you so you will be able to concentrate on your core business.


Your demand will be exactly analyzed by our personnel and branch specialists. After the creation of a qualifications and activity profile we will be looking for a suitable employee. After, we will prepare target orientated the applicants for their future job in your company.

Our know-how will help you to find rapidly skilled employees and managers. For you, we will carry out each step of recruiting! With the occupation of free working places we offer you a suitable employee who will support your team.
Additionally we searched new co-operations for companies, which wants to extend strategically or vice versa we found new investors for e. g. Start-up Companies.

Is your interest stimulated? Please contact us still today. We are looking forward to meet you!


Interims management


The interims management is also an instrument of employment. The advantage is flexibility as well as effectiveness. Particularly in the case of long case of illness, maternity leave or special projects, interims manager will be used in order to preserve or to increase capacities.

If there your company suffers under staffing shortage, INSYNCON Ltd. will deliver the suitable employees.